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As the Digital Marketing Executive at Titan I want to make sure the content we post is what our followers want to see, because its important to us that our followers engage with us as a business and get the most from our service.

In recent years we have seen a significant rise on the amount of users on social media and technology. At Titan we want keep developing and following the current trends to successfully engage with the people who use our business and have an interest in what we do.

Since the beginning of 2021 I have seen an increase in Titan’s social media engagement across multiple platforms and I believe this has been a result of the decisions we have taken on our marketing strategies, that put our audiences needs at the centre of the content we post.  We own our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages which allows us to share a wide range of information in various forms to please our audience.

However in saying this, I recently had a conversation with a business owner based in Glasgow and he shared with me his concern over the decline he has personally seen with his businesses social media engagement, so is there a case to be made that as much as social media and technology is one of the fastest growing industries just now, due to the current climate we are living in, are we seeing some element of fatigue when it comes to seeing similar types of content day to day on social media?

As we are a recruitment agency our natural course is to post about new job vacancies and any news within our specialist sectors, but in the main I personally feel that can become a little repetitive and boring, so we want to provide additional value by posting several different concepts that isn’t your run of the mill recruitment business.

We are curious to know what kind of content do you want to see from brands or businesses you support?

We have a wide variety of content that is available to those who follow our pages, mixing it up and coming up with fresh ideas is really a top priority of ours at Titan. Take a look for yourself below, these are some of the most engaging posts for the month of January.

We would encourage any candidates or clients who are looking to utilise our services to follow us on our social media platforms as it is one of our main sources of communication with the people who use our business.

We have a clear goal on what we want to achieve by using social media and we are utilising the time we put into it, in order for us to create an identity as one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies across Scotland and the UK.

I am hopeful that 2021 will be a year to remember for all the right reasons and I believe throughout this year Titan will continue reaching new heights and developing as a business, because we believe in bettering ourselves individually and as a team

Setting new goals for 2021 will allow you to keep challenging yourself and others to achieve something special.

If you want to check out our social media platforms you can do so by clicking the links below, why not give us a follow while your there.




We are currently running a poll on LinkedIn to ask our connections what kind of content do you want to see from brands or businesses you support? You can vote just now and have your say here

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