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In this weeks blog we will be discussing the importance of goals and how they can help you and your business.

We all have personal goals that we want to achieve throughout our life, this may be a visit to Disneyland with the kids or own a Lamborghini.. however big or small your goals may be they are important to you and in order to achieve them we must take small steps to ensure we reach them.

What is your dream goal that you would want to achieve this year?

As a business us at Titan have certain goals and objectives for 2021.

We all set professional goals at Titan for both personal achievement and to take the business to new levels. Personally I don’t just view company goals as a financial or numerical target, they are used as motivation to make me more accomplished within my role and consistently improve my area of the business.

The goals we have set out are broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. We track our progress towards each of these goals regularly which makes sure we are on track and if not we look at ways to get back on track as quick as possible.

As much as company goals are great, personal goals are just as important.

In my own view, regularly tracking progress towards your goals, and asking myself “what did I do today to move towards my goal” is a great help keeping on track for success.

Personally I like to have a clear deadline because it allows me to review progress and if I am not striving towards them then will I re-think and alter them to what I think is achievable within my deadline timeframe.

Setting goals is a tool that will allow you to become more successful so the best way you can do this is by making them challenging but realistic and setting a clear deadline. There is no point in identifying goals that you might never be able to reach within that time limit you have set as you become disheartened, whereas if you set clear reachable goals with a strict deadline that can be your motivation every day. In the same manner, a goal that is not challenging enough is really just a task

Some personal goals I have set for 2021 are

  •    Learn new skills on app creation and editing
  •    Advance my video editing skills

These will allow me to perform better in my work life and also give me an interest personally when away from work. The goals set are achievable and motivate me to become a little better at what I do when in the work place.

Let us know what your thoughts are on setting new goals each year both personally and professionally ? Do you agree this is a priority or do you have another positive way of thinking that creates success for you?

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