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Throughout the month of March Lisa from our team has taken on a challenge to walk 10k steps a day every day to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and we are delighted to say that she has smashed that target, taking more than 345,000 steps in the month, raising well over £500 for the charity

Lisa said, “I managed to complete all my steps and little more 😉 I was targeted to 310,000 steps but managed 345,147 which is the equivalent of just over 170 miles!!!! And believe me and I’m just as surprised as you are that I actually managed it! 😄

Was worth the walk from the Gorbals to Dumbarton and stupidly sitting at a train station shattered after over 6 hours of walking not noticing that trains weren’t running! 🙈🙈But we got home eventually! 😂

This challenge has not only done wonders for my overall health (lockdown body is gone!) but has done wonders for my mental health. Who would have thought a good long walk “gathering my thoughts” could be so beneficial. And to think it’s all for a fantastic cause.”

We are all really proud of Lisa completing the challenge and we all thank everyone who donated to raise that fantastic sum of money. We are sure the money will be put to good use as most of us are touched in some way by the terrible effects of Cancer.


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