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In 2020 people across the Nation, men and women of all ages have struggled with their mental health, however there has been so much positivity on how people have developed themselves and used their time effectively. I look around and I see there are more people now speaking about exercise, self-worth, motivation and sticking together to help one another more than ever before, which is remarkable. I have also seen so much more support and people speaking out about mental health and aiming for change and striving for people to make positive changes to their lives.

As 2020 planned out I found myself becoming unmotivated and my mental health being compromised, and the work I was producing wasn’t my best as I just didn’t have the motivation to exercise or clear my mind in order for me to produce good ideas and projects when working.

A big support for me was the NHS website, they have an article available for everyone to read called 5 steps to mental wellbeing this gives you tips on how you can improve your mental health if you begin to feel anxious or sad.

This was a huge support for me as it outlined key things I needed to change for example get active again, so I began going walks and cycling on my lunch break which made me feel better as it allowed me to clear my head and feel good.

Another tip I really benefited from in this article was that they talk about the use of social media and how not to count on this to interact with people as it becomes easy to just text or email but instead you can be meeting family (socially distanced) when you get the chance, video calling on platforms like Skype and Microsoft teams as an alternative to messaging and begin to get some face to face interaction back into your everyday life.

This article really helped me as it highlighted what I can do to make myself more motivated and it allowed me to make the necessary changes to become active again and clear my mind, which ultimately reduced my anxiety and allowed me to focus on creating new ideas and projects that Titan would benefit from.

Has your mental health been impacted by the current climate we are living in?

If you feel like you are sitting stagnant then from previous experience I would recommend working on your own development and maybe creating a lockdown bucket list on things you feel you want to improve on, for example you can be working on interview techniques and developing a plan, learning new skills or trying new sports. Some of these have had a positive impact on myself and hopefully they do for you,  It is valuable to use the spare time you have effectively and efficiently to create good habits.

If you have unfortunately lost your job due to COVID-19 here at Titan Recruitment we can help you to find a role that suits your skillset and fits our clients requirements, from experience it can be disheartening applying for various positions and maybe getting nowhere so we can help you with your CV and interview techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd.

2020 was a roller-coaster for us all, but a lot of positives came out of it at the same time and mental health awareness was one of them. It is vital to speak out about how you feel to family and friends as you will be surprised by the support you can receive from others. I personally hope that we continue down the same path that we are on where we can support one another and help each other when times get tough.

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