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This week’s blog is about the influence that surrounding yourself with positivity can have, and how it should not be underestimated.

This can start by surrounding yourself with positive people, who care, who are interested and who want to help.

Surrounding yourself with successful people can allow you to go the extra mile

“If we surrounded ourselves with people who are successful, who are forward moving, who are positive, who are focused on producing results, who support us, it will challenge us to be more and do more and share more. If you can surround yourself with people who will never let you settle for less than you can be, you have the greatest gift anyone can hope for” – Tony Robbins

Having these people around us to become better, have higher standards and ensure we create success throughout life. You will struggle to do it all alone so having people beside you to overcome fears, obstacles and challenges will ultimately benefit you in the future.

We have all had it highlighted to us recently that life can definitely have its challenges, and in some of these challenges you might need a helping hand and this can be family, colleagues or friends, in order to get the helping hand you need, you must ensure the people you surround yourself with are willing to give it.

“I smile at obstacles” – Tiger Woods,

Sometimes people find it easier to avoid an obstacle or a problem, unfortunately that does not solve the issue, in fact, most of the time it can make it worse

By smiling at obstacles, or embracing them, we know that we are bigger than the problems facing us, because we know that we will learn and become stronger and wiser through solving them.

Sometimes obstacles and challenges might get the better of us from time to time but allowing yourself to face them is when you know you have the ability to beat it next time.

I have felt recently that it is important to recognise that working from home and having less interaction with colleagues and friends can affect you adversely.

Even in these sort of circumstances when you may be working less hours or working from home, it is still vital you take action and make the effort to keep in touch with people who make you feel positive and energised, you can also read books, listen to music or watch videos these are all things that get us into a positive frame of mind.

At the same time, it is vital to ensure you keep your distance from things that can make you feel negative, whether that is certain people, environments or even social media at times.

It is just vital to remain in a positive frame of mind, as this will allow you to perform better and be better, allowing you to create success when it matters most.

Personally, since starting as the Digital Marketing Executive at Titan, I have had my fair share of ups and downs, however it is how you respond to the downs that defines you.

Working from home has been a challenge, not speaking with work colleagues on a normal basis, or seeing family like normal has had its affect. However I have remained positive by learning new skills on courses, listening to positive people that want the best for me both over the phone and text message, and this was fundamentally important for me, as it has encouraged me to carry on and try to become better in ways I never knew possible.

Have a great weekend, and stay positive


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