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I personally feel that team dynamics can make all the difference within any working environment.  In order to achieve personal and company goals it is always beneficial to pull together in one direction.


I have been fortunate enough to work in both large and small organisations and in my own opinion I felt there was more of a team bond within the smaller business’s compared to the team spirit within a large corporate environment.


Since starting with Titan I have noticed the way that everyone approaches their working day and how we pull together as a team to achieve the common goal for the business has been a real eye opener for me.


There are certain aspects within our business that highlight the good team dynamics that we have, for example we hold a Friday morning meeting every week to discuss what we have all achieved that week and how successful we felt the week was. This allows us to discuss both positives and negatives and ensure the next week can be better or equally successful.


Another example is by playing to each other’s strengths. Sometimes your paths may cross with colleagues on a project and it is vital to use this, work as a team and complete the project with excellence.


Do you work in a small business or a larger organisation? What are the team dynamics like in your organisation?


Working within a smaller organisation like Titan it can be easier to set boundaries and build social relationships with colleagues because you tend to be closer to one another. I like to think of our business as a small family, we all know where we stand with each other and how we can get the best from one another. This personally motivates me to come into work every day because I am comfortable and happy with the people I work with and as much as they are my colleagues, I am happy to call them friends too.


Something I never valued until coming to Titan was recognition and just how important this can be. Every once in a while it can be pivotal to hear ‘ well done’ or ‘good job’ to keep you focused and motivated and this is something I never had in my working life until joining Titan and I can safely say it drives me on, even when the week has been a tough one.


Over the course of this year businesses have faced challenges and one that sticks out is working from home and the effect this has had on team dynamics. In my own opinion I feel working from home for five days not only had an effect on myself but the team at Titan as we became a little deflated and rightly so, and I am sure there are other teams who felt the same. Working in the house can be great in many ways but I am a firm believer that too much of any one thing can only create bad habits so mixing in working from home with office work personally works well for me. Flexible working is great for myself and I definitely think this will be the approach many companies will take entering into 2021.

What do you feel will be lost if companies decide to make working from home a more permanent arrangement? What do you think could be gained from taking the flexible working approach?


When I first came to Titan I felt a little bit of pressure because I knew there was no hiding, I was here to do a job and I was in charge of a certain part of the business. However, I actually began to enjoy this and thrive within this type of environment because I was aware of the changes I was making within my department and I began to enjoy that responsibility. When you have good team dynamics it can be good to celebrate each other’s success and this comes down to recognition and you and your colleagues feeling proud of the success you have achieved.


Every business is different, no two are the same. However team dynamics is a massive part of every company and some may value it more than others but above are ways we make it work at Titan and it certainly allows us to become stronger and better as time goes on.


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