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This week’s blog gives you a little bit of advice on how you can attract and retain staff for your business. Titan can help you throughout the recruitment process and ensure you get the most from our service.

Recruit the right people that match your company values and goals – When you begin the recruitment process you generally look at the candidates CV and how they come across in the interview stage. However it is vital to look beyond the CV and see the person as an individual and if they can match your company values and goals, it is important to understand what they believe in and if they can bring that little bit extra to help your business maintain these values

Show what opportunities are available and how can they can develop and grow –As much as it is important that the candidates represents themselves well, it is just as important that you promote your business and showcase what opportunities are available and how the candidate can develop and grow while working for you. This can be done by showcasing work from employees in the past, outlining that there is a pathway for success and promotions available, offering a competitive salary and voicing that there is support available when needed especially as we come back out of lockdown and enter a new normal as peoples mental health may have definitely been affected.

What about the staff I want to keep? How can I retain my top talent? – Your most talented employees should not have to wait until they get a counter-offer for you to understand the value they bring to the organisation. Appraisals should be done regularly throughout the year, not just annually, so that both parties can share their expectations of each other. Keeping communication channels open with your staff during this challenging period is reassuring on so many levels.

How can Titan Recruitment help? – Titan can offer many years of experience as well as our passion and commitment to deliver the best service to you. Our core values are that we put our client needs at the heart of everything we do so that when you use our recruitment services your business and the goals you have are integral to how we approach the candidate selection on your behalf. We have excellent candidates available across multiple sectors.

If you have any queries regarding the recruitment process then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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