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This short video forms part of a larger discussion I have been involved in recently with David Charles and Amy Mackenzie, around how businesses can plan and implement an effective scale up.

This conversation was around putting together an effective recruitment plan to allow a business to carry out a scale up.

When your business is going through a period of rapid growth, one of the most important aspects you will have to consider is how you put into place, the correct team to execute and cope with the growth while maintaining service levels.

Large volume recruitment to deliver your products or services takes a well designed and budgeted recruitment plan, and can take time to carry out all interviews, checks and on boarding.

Likewise making strategic hires at senior management level can also prove challenging as you have to be able to “sell” the vision to the highest performing individuals with the skills you need, to entice them from their current roles and make them want to be part of your growth plan.

Putting together a robust Recruitment Plan, that covers what areas you want to recruit in, what skills you need, what are you willing to offer, your budget and timescales is an absolute requirement for when you are Scaling Up your business.

Titan can help with these plans, and of course the search and selection of the best people in the market for your business

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